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I am a web designer based in Kissimmee/ Orlando, Florida. Since my brand’s inception in 2016, I have helped over 30 businesses with their business branding, web design, and so much more. 

From early on, I knew what type of relationships I would have to build in order for JARo Media to flourish. Since the beginning, JARo Media has focused on small businesses that face some of the harder challenges with being discovered. With the speed expected from site visitors and keyword research being present challenges for small businesses, I have dedicated my brand to specializing in the areas you need help with most!

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JARo Media, LLC has been a trusted asset to any web design, graphic design, and marketing team projects that we have had the honor to work with and be a fundamental part of. Our initial business model consisted of word-of-mouth referrals for only website designs, to which we have been blessed and grateful to be considered and to have developed long-lasting relationships with the business web designs we manage. However, the scope of our service seldom ends with just a simple web design, our clients usually prefer to host, maintain, and optimize their sites with us, because we establish relationships that matter.

JARo Media practices in many areas of web design and marketing. We particularly specialize in Web Design for WordPress, Shopify, and Wix (in order of preference). We offer professional SEO Services utilizing industry best practices to get your brand noticed. Brand marketing, Social Media content design, management and strategy, and Video services like green screen videos are all part of our creative talents while we currently outsource photography services to one of our preferred and professional vendors.

JARo Media, LLC offers flexible plans for all business types. Most companies require a larger deposit or even full payment to being working on your project, while JARo Media has payment plan options, monthly hosting plans, and easy recurring payment options. We also try bundling design options for clients to offer more competitive pricing. Our simplest site designs, which still include some scale of SEO, start at $750.00 without hosting or regular maintenance.

JARo Media prides itself at being Your Friendly Neighborhood Web Designer. That is not to say that we turn down clients who are not local or that we even give ourselves a specific area of jurisdiction when it comes to the web. Some of our earliest and longest standing clients are based in locations other than Florida, including Haiti, Texas, and Washington State. So, simply put, we work remotely to serve any who seek our help!

Scheduling an appointment with JARo Media is easy. Here on our website, navigate to the menu bar, and select “Book With Us.” You’ll be navigated to our HoneyBook intake form and will receive a response in less than one business day.

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